AntiCone Project

One very old Greek story, two CONE artists, twenty five traffic cones, and CONEtemporary  CONEtest.

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Inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone, AntiCone is the largely wordless story of an immigrant who is put to work building a wall against her country of origin (and, therefore, her brothers), under the dangerous eye of new leader, Creon, and against the pull of her ancient namesake. Scored by the evocative and visceral original music of Alexander Nikitin, the play combines physical theatre, clowning, and audience interaction, with unique, powerful dances choreographed and performed by Moscow-trained Natasha Mirny as Antigone. Tia Shearer, who has been called one of DC’s “most versatile actors” (BroadwayWorld) and a “straight up chameleon” (DC Theatre Scene), plays the five characters surrounding Antigone, including Creon, her brother, and the Chorus. The team is rounded out by stage manager Jennifer Arezzo, and 25 bright orange traffic cones. AntiCone was awarded funding through the Montgomery County government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County for its premiere just outside Washington, DC last fall. The show is recommended for ages 13 and up.





October 11-27,2018 –  FringeNYC Festival BUY TICKETS

November 3 -17, 2018 – The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Washington DC  BUY TICKETS




“This is a must see performance. It is innovative, conceptual, visual, physical, musical, poetic and provocative. Exquisitely executed! “

 “AntiCone was a gift to the world”

“I was filled and moved with emotion throughout”

“Lovely, funny combination of clowning and modern dance. You think you’ve got it figured out and then, halfway through, it becomes something a great deal more meaningful”



ANTI_2_Layout 1

World premier October-November 2017


At Philadelphia Fringe Festival (September 15-16,2018)