Movement Research

Physicalizing Texts

Stage movement for actors*

This course offers the new methodology of using text (both phonetics and semantics) to create a character on stage. This includes the text as a whole and separate structures, words and sounds. The course engages students in an experiential and experimental approach to working on their roles through physicalizing lines of their script. Students will start with exploring the physical awareness of sounds and phonetic structures and their impact on our body and ability to find authentic body language. We will then continue to explore words and texts through movement and use the method as an approach to acting techniques of Michael Chekhov and Jerzy Grotowski (e.g. explore how this method can be a very effective approach to finding Psychological Gestures for the role). Students will work collaboratively, as well as independently, as they train their body, mind, and voice to respond to each other in the process of character creation.


*this course has a modification that addresses dancers and choreographers and works with the same method but emphasizes dance improvisation skills and creating authentic choreography

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